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January 2, 2008 - Hemosillo, Mexico

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

I´m in beautiful down town Hemosillo, Sonora, and am in a great mood because I finally got a terrific meal down at the market -scrambled eggs a la mexicana, loaded with the local homemade hot sauce, the soft, moist corny flavored tortillas that you just can´t get in the US, and market coffee - the stuff that´s boiled in a blue enamel ware pot on the stove, strained through a sock ' aahhh. -all this doesn´t sound too exciting until you realize that I haven´t had a real meal in 2 days - I got to Mexico City on New Years Eve, just as the last restaurant was closing down, so I had the last of the overcooked brocolli from the Chinese place, and was grateful for that, then nothing was open yet in the moring for breakfast, except McDonalds, so that was fruit and yogurt, lunch was a slice of cheese and chips, yesterday on New Years Day all was closed except for VIPs, which is the equivelant of Dennys, so I hiked to the bus station for a bowl of lentils etc, it was just hard to find food on New Years, when usually Mexico has fresh wonderful food on every street corner. So! It was a big deal to get my first great meal of hopefully many, while here.

I spent the night on the airport floor, I didn´t think that I´d be able to sleep much, as it was pretty noisy, tho not a lot of people around, but I was sleeping on a stone floor, with only one blanket, lots of bright lights, and the thump thump thump of the automatic escalater. Silly me, I guess I can sleep anywhere. I´ve slept through baseball sized hail stones pummeling the train while going though the Alps, slept through an earthquake in Argentina, sleep though the storm of the century in Chile (I got up once that night to go to the bathroom, looked out the window, saw that the palm trees were horizontal, not vertical, so I thought I was dreaming and went back to bed, couldn't believe the devastation that I saw the next morning) so the only time that I woke up at the airport was at the stroke of midnight, and once again at 5 am.

My hotel in Hermosillo makes me happy, its one of the old-time hotels that I remember from early trips to Mexico, plus its a Lonely Planet pick. It´s got the red floor tiles, plain white walls, no TV, spotlessly clean, and the lovely smell of Rosa Venus, the ubiquitus soap to all clean, decent, cheap, small hotels in Mexico. This hotel, the Washington, DC, had been around since 1947, and has a nice facade with Talavera tiles, the inner courtyard, and kept up, but probably never renovated since they started - just my kind of place. They do have a public computer, but no one knew how to crank it up, the monitor makes my 8 year old Dell look like state of the art. I´m off to find Seri ironwood, and see what I can do for getting back to Gaudalajara. If I take the bus, its an 18 hour bus ride, and not cheap, I have enough Mexicana miles to get a one way ticket out of town, but don´t know if seats are available or not - best go find out, as I don´t relish the thought of that long of a bus ride.