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February 1, 2011 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

I'm at the airport, trying to put a positive spin on events.  We're supposed to be boarding soon, hoping to be one of the last flights out before they close the airport for, as the media is calling it, "the blizzard of the decade".  Given that the decade is barely started, that may well be so. 

The plus side of being on this flight - no long lines anywhere. The downside  - it's scary to be flying in this weather.  They've given out passenger manifest info cards to be filled out and handed in before boarding. My theory is that they do that to contact next of kin in case of a crash. 

The Air France rep said that this flight may go out 30 minutes early, so here's hoping that we beat the brunt of the storm.  If this bird actually flies, the next leap should go smoothly, Charles De Gaulle airport is only reporting minor fog.  If we don't take off on time, I miss my Paris/Delhi flight, which means that I miss the Delhi/Bangkok, Bangkok/Denpasar flights as well, but no use fretting, it is what it is.