February 10, 2011 Kuta, Bali Indonesia

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Nusa Trans sent two of their kids over to the hotel this morning to haul me around the outskirts of town for furniture.  One of my regular suppliers has so much good stuff that I started agonizing over whether to send back a second container.  When I got back to town, lo and behold, there was an email from Chris suggesting that I put together a second container from Bali.  We sold so much furniture in 2010 that we really need it, so I guess I'm going for the second one. 

It's on the fringe of the city that you see the development.  It's four lane highway going through little rice paddies and water buffalo shoulder deep in water hiacynth, and then a stretch of huge concrete buildings, followed by little wood shacks and more rice fields.  We had lunch at a little local warung or eatery.  They pre-cook the day's offerings, then leave it in a glass case, and you point to what you want.  Often I have no idea what I'm eating, and they do crazy things like hard-boiled eggs in burnt cocnut milk, but it's also crazy good.  Dinner tonight is under a tin roof, we've had three days of off and on rain, so for dining music I've got the drumming of the rain and the squeaky love song of a lizard, and my table is about four feet away from a huge bouquet of fragrant tuberose.  The whole meal and oodles of ambiance will set me back $2.50.

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