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February 11, 2008 - Ubud, Bali

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

Today I found the perfect antidote to my previous taxi driver from Hell. The anitidotes's name is Gusti, and he is a perfect Balinese Mr. Rogers. He speaks quietly, drives very calmly and nicely, and is just a nice, calm, sweet man. Plus, he also is a wood carver, and has a ton of contacts and knowledge. He doesn't even try to sell me his work, he says that it's a little too high for business price, as his uncle sets the price.

We went back to Batubulan today, and I got my stone, pretty much everything that I wanted, except for the 6 ton bathtub carved out of one single piece of stone. But I was very happy with what I found, and did even find some of the little stone basins, I would love to dump a water lily in each one this summer, but I know it would take all of one night for the raccoons to have a pool party and shred everything.

Mr. Gusti and I have an early start tomorrow morning, so guess I'll wrap it up, plus I got a foot massage tonight, finally, and that's enough in and of itself to make me go to sleep. I feel guilty saying this, while the Midwest is in the midst of an old fashioned snowy, cold winter, but it really is paradise here - sorry - at least know that I am grateful.