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February 11, 2009 Delhi, India

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

Jean had emailed me and asked if Slumdog Millionaire was an accurate portrayal of India. I don't know, I haven't seen the movie, but it is certainly the buzz in Delhi, it gets at least one article a day in the newspaper. Some local comments include: poverty isn't pretty, that's why they used actors amd not real people, and that it falsely raises the hopes of the poor. This morning's paper had a really interesting movie review by a group of slum kids. These are the lucky slum kids, in that they are under the care of an umbrella group that at least offers them a safe place to sleep at night. The kids, for one reason or another, are living without parents, but a good number of them go to school, while holding menial jobs. Across the board, they LOVED the movie. They said it showed that if you studied and worked hard, you could escape life on the streets, and instead of the movie just being a "time-pass", it made you think. When I get back, this might be a good rental for our newly resurrected Movie Night. I'll bring the samosas, chaat, and chai for refreshments.

In stark contrast to the street people is the hotel that I've checked into, compliments of the Carpet Council. It's an international five star hotel, and other than hotel security that rivals or surpasses airport security, it's pretty much what you'd think a five star hotel would be. What's weird is that I don't remember anything about the last five star hotel that I stayed at, again , compliments of the Carpet Council. The quirky, the noisy, the funky, the smelly, all come back in vivid detail, but the clean and comfortable, those hotels become anonymous blurs. The bedding here, tho, wows me - sleeping on a feather bed, under a duvet, with real feather pillows and high thread count sheets - aaaahhhh.........