February 12, 2011 Ubud Bali Indonesia

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So much for good intentions. I went to see Kartini today, with my nice neat little wish-list for furniture.  I didn't want to over-buy again, so I was going to purchase only by the list - 10 consoles, 5 cabinets, etc. 

All intentions flew out the window when I saw what Kartini had.  She's doing white washed teak with light blue-green accents, it's really for an Italian market, but I couldn't resist a few pieces.  She had things that I didn't even have on my list - a piece that would make a terrific kitchen island - benches, instead of chairs for a dining table. 

I may have over-bought again, but I won't sweat it until they load the containers.  In India it's called stuffing a container, and I like that image. We made it up to Ubud later than I wanted, the boys still have to drive back to the office, and they only get one day off , tomorrow.  I asked Alit and Nopa what they were going to do on their day off, and they both said, sleep. 

I'm at a different place than where I usually stay.  It's almost like a home stay, it's on a family compound.  The only problem is that when I leave, I'm going to need to leave a trail of bread crumbs, or draw a map, to find my way back.  It's out of the main area, and Alit said that it will be very quiet.  Well, there's a gamelon orchestra playing next door - not quiet, but highly enjoyable.  I need to venture out before dark, just to find landmarks, it really was like a maze to get here, and I don't even know what it's called.  Made lives here, but probably 1 in 5 Balinese are named Made.

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