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February 14, 2010 Kathmandu, Nepal

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I'd forgotten one of the charming aspects of Shivaratri. Gangs of really little kids will cordon off a road or alley, and they won't let you by without giving them small coins. Then later in the day they go with offering plates to the shops for donations, chanting Shivaratri, Shivaratri. I'd had a pocketful of coins that I'd been wondering what to do with and they were perfect as baksheesh. The kids were off the chart for cuteness factor when I'd get a big smile from them and a T'ank you!

Today is Losar and I thought I'd at least get out to Boudha to watch prayer flags being strung up, but no such luck. I spent pretty much the whole afternoon pouring over color charts and clothes samples to make an order. Geeta, Hope (another American) and I worked through lunch time with milk tea and momos (dumplings) for fortification. If actual product is like samples, I will be very happy, it's great stuff.

All is done, hopefully in order, so the reward will be a foot massage tonight. The massage place also has blankets and portable gas heaters, it is much preferable to going back to a cold, dark hotel room. Early tomorrow morning I'm off to India. I will miss my hotel dog chorus. Promptly every morning at 3 a.m., the lot of them, it sounds to be about 8 dogs, will all go off on a bark fest for about 2 minutes, then all quiet down at the exact same time.