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February 16, 2008 - Kuta, Bali

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

Finished up business this morning, and will organize my papers and put them away this afternoon, and I might even have time tomorrow morning to go to the beach, or use the hotel swimming pool. Looking at the next several legs of the trip, I don't see any where that a swim suit figures into the scheme of things, so I want to at least justify bringing it, by actually using it more than once.

I arrived back to Kuta yesterday, mid-afternoon, it really made me appreciate Gusti all the more. Putu, the kid who drove, was pretty entertaining, if you wanted to listen to non-stop stream of consciousness, 90% of the time I didn't have a clue what he was talking about, but it was still entertaining. The ride also made me put the previous motorcycle accident into perspective, in the one and half hours it takes to get to Kuta from Ubud, we saw 3 different car/motorbike accidents happen, fortunately, not a single one resulted in injury. These are not high speed highways, between Denpasar/Kuta to Ubud, its actually less than 20 miles, tho the two areas are so different it seems like the other side of the planet.

Ubud has a large organic gardening movement. as well as yoga, fair trade projects, etc. Kuta had beach and surfing and lots of beer gardens and nightclubs. I also saw Ground Zero today, where the over 200 people died in the first Bali bomb blast. Victor said that Bali has yet to recover from that, plus the Aussies are pissed at the Balinese police, as there is a fair number of Aussies in prison here for drug use.

I used to try and line up my Thailand trip as the last trip of the season, sort of the reward for slogging through the harder travel, and was thinking that its a shame that Bali was the first leg of the east, rather than the last. However, I can use images from Ubud for when I want to remove myself from less than pleasant traveling cicumstances, such as overnight train trips through India sharing a sleeper compartment with 3 men with flatulence, snoring, and stinky feet. (the joke is, am I referring to them, or to me?)

Hopefully after a dip in the ocean (its bath tub warm) tomorrow morning, I'm off to the Big Bad B (Bangkok) staying in the most sedate digs possible, the Bangkok Christian Guest House. But its safe, very well located, they actually answer my emails for reservations, not too expensive and unbelievably clean. The rooms are totally white, shiny white floor, spotless white walls, totally sanitized white bathroom, I feel too guilty to burn incense in the room, and I leave my shoes at the door.