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February 2, 2009 - Jaipur, India

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Yesterday I thought for a moment that I was losing my mind. I'd checked into Digvi's most charming ancestral (small but beautiful) castle, and as I was still half delirious from jet lag and sleep deprivation, I knew that it would be unwise to try and work, so I just took a tuk-tuk to tell Kishor to expect me in the morning. On getting back to the hotel, I asked for my key, unlocked the room door and went in.

The Hotel Maduban has a slot to the left of the door, that when the key is inserted into it, power goes on in the room. I knew that the slot was by the light switches because I'd remembered thinking that the key was dinging up the wall. Lo and behold, there was no power slot. No where. Not by any door. It was freaky, if I wasn't so tired it might have seriously worried me. I just stood in the dark room for a few minutes until I realized that it wasn't my room, I was still one floor below it. The strange part too is that my key worked in the

Spending 9 hours with Kishor and family today was just the thing to wake me up. His place is hard to describe. It's not big, it's not fancy, but it is floor to ceiling, all over, with textiles. You wade through them, you step over them, you sit on them. The deeper you dig, the more you find. Nine hours of digging today, and I am only half way through the place.

What also made it fun is that the dollar is at 48 rupees compared to 38 rupees last year. That's a very substantial gain, so things that were too expensive last year are now possible. Rabari (Gujarati nomads)cholis or blouses, Bengali vintage quilts, jackets made of same, vintage Baluchi outfits from Sind, all great buys. We've got an early start time tomorrow, as I've got to finished before off to Udaipur on Wednesday.