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February 2, 2012 - Kathmandu, Nepal

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

OK, I'll say it once and get it out of my system.  Kathmandu - no heat, no power, no water, no Wi Fi. But sometimes yes - so NO WHINING! 

Delhi was short and sweet, two days only, but I'll be back there in two weeks.  I sent 40 KG of jewelry via an unknown courier, at least if it doesn't arrive I can go see what happened.  No huge changes in Delhi except they did extend the metro out to the airport.  It has limited hours, but I'll give it a go on the flip-flop, it's supposed to whisk you to the city center in 15 minutes, as opposed to up to an hour by car.  

I miss seeing the monkeys. it seems that the downtown ones have all been relocated to farther out of the city.  On the way to the airport I saw two cars pulled over to throw food to The Displaced.  Mommas, babies, big males, they all knew the routine and came scrambling.

I haven't had a cup of coffee in two days - no need.  The Delhiites brew a STRONG cup of tea - two bags in a scant cup of water -Whoa.