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February 20, 2012 - Delhi, India

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Oof - too long of days, but I lost almost a day and a half thanks to the little giardia critters, so have to make up time.  I had such a good afternoon rummaging through beautiful block prints that I'm reguvenated.  We've got the new sweater barn to be filled this summer with cottons, so I've been hard at it.  If you've ever wanted any of the gorgeous Williams-Sonoma block print textiles, but didn't want to shell out that much money, come see us.  I've already picked out a new kitchen table cloth and Shop Cat is going to get her own little block print baby quilt (she's a baby cat with 20 yeats experience).  I hope that she likes hot pink.Yesterday I went  to Noida which is about an hour outside of Delhi.  Noida is the big new growth area, and it's quickly putting up huge infrastructure such as a six lane toll road, high rises, and shopping malls. Waiting to shepherd their 200 some goats across the  6 lanes was a family of turbanned, dhoti wearing Jalsaimer tribesmen.  The Rajastani man next to me said they bring their goats in every year to graze outside of Delhi in the winter, and then go back when the monsoon season starts.  I wonder how all of the building is going to interrupt the traditional migratorial grazing. New India vs. Old India - this morning's newspaper headlines were of a Lamborghini that crashed at 200 KPH, the driver was killed instantly, the bicycle rider that the car flipped on to was only injured (???).Another interesting thing I saw on the ride to Noida was a huge new park with hundreds of statues that were all wrapped up.  The present Congress said that the elephant is a political symbol, so all elephants would have to be covered.