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February 24, 2008 - Kathamndu, Nepal

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Back to the Motor Brigade, with fuel so difficult to buy, taxis are too expensive. The bicycle rickshaws are doing a booming business. I had to go to Kalankistan (home of the Hasty Tasty Cafe) to look at sweaters, so Dendar gave me a ride on his bike. It's a contact sport here, literally rubbing elbows and knees with other riders.

There are huge queues all over, lining up for kerosene and petrol. Dendar said that it took him 3 hours in line this morning to fill the tank on his bike, and it's still unknown when the border will re-open for fuel to come in from India.

When I'm walking, a lot of the time is spent looking down, to avoid open ditches, dog poop, etc., but it's a revelation to look up. So much of the medievel city is still intact and still in use. At night when the current is cut, and people go back to candles, it really makes it seem like you're in a different time.