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February 25, 2009 Chiang Mai Thailand

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

Moments of complete and utter contentment are usually few and fleeting, but for me seem to be the norm while in Thailand. I'm sitting at the riverside pavillion at my guesthouse, it's still morning cool and quiet, I'm now on my second cup of real coffee, and looking over the day's agenda. Thailand is easy travel and easy business if you're patient, and it also helps tremendously that I've got terrific shippers. Prasert and Darryl have been doing this a long time, so they know all the ins and outs of customs clearance, and all the back streets and back roads of the craft villages.

My first day in Thailand was spent sleeping off the effects of all day/all night travel, but it was Sunday, so not much happens anyway, except Sunday Night Market!!!!!!!
That's one of my all time favorite markets, not so much for buying as for the food amd music. Block after block of music. There's Thai Rap, The Old Folks Traditional Thai Band (they rock!), Karioke style singers, Thai trance, and a stage for various school kid acts. The food is more varied than the big Night Market eats, it's little food stalls set up around the Wats, or Buddhist temples. I had banana leaf origami on a skewer, filled with rice, chilis and sugar, lotus seeds (taste like chestnuts), and fried Morning Glories. Food selections start at 5 cents each (taro root sweets) and top out at 70 cents, with most offerings at about the 40 cent range. You start the evening hungry and with a pocket full of change, and you end the evening stuffed, but with money left over, and that's even after an hour long massage thrown in for good measure.

I hadn't sent a container from here last year, and I'd sort of forgotten how many incredible, beautiful things Thailand makes, starting at these gorgeous handloomed cotton shawls/scarves that you want to snuggle with as a security blanket, to a life-sized Sukothai standing Buddha. And yes, for those of you who are anxiously awaiting them, I will be sending back about 600 croaking frogs (wooden ones, that is).