February 26, 2011 Udaipur Rajastan, India

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A good chunk of the day was spent sleeping, but I did make it out to Sachin's house to buy his beautiful Jaipur miniature paintings.  Last year I thought that I could get them in Jaipur or Delhi, but the quality just wasn't there, so I skipped them. 

Sachin's got the best-  ground stone pigments on acid-free hand made paper, and beautiful detail.  I thought that I was done, and then he showed me some commissioned work for England that I am in awe of.  He's doing cat miniature portraits. (Someone remarked that the British would be Hindu if the Hindu gods were labradors and ginger-colored cats, rather than monkeys and elephants.) The paint brush must be one single strand of hair, the detail is so fine.  I asked if he could sell me one as a sample, I don't know if anyone will be interested to get their pet's portrait done, but I will see.  

Udaipur is at it's best this year.  The lake is sparkling and full, the hotels are full,  and the touts are not so desperate.  In spite of the heavy wave of tourism, the city has not lost a gram of it's small town Rajastani charm.  There are green parrots and monkeys outside my haveli window, and traffic was at a stand-still because of a big black Brahma bull that didn't feel like budging from the middle of the road.  I've got a great picture of a young cow trying to lick my camera lens.  She is used to the locals giving her chapati, or flat-bread, so she thought maybe the camera was something to eat.

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