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February 28, 2008 - Varanasi, India

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

Aarrggh, the jinx of writing about food yesterday. After a decent breakfast, we went out to Mizzapur to look at dhurries, and had tea and cashews for lunch, dinner was popcorn, peanuts and instant Nescafe, the hotel's restaurant was closed by the time I got back, and there's nothing else in the Cantonment area.

Normally the Cantonment is really peaceful but today is an auspicious marriage day, so I walked home in the midst of a Hindu wedding procession with marching brass band, portable lit neon tubes carried on top of people's heads, fireworks, and the bridegroom mounted on a white horse. There's another wedding going on at the hotel now as I write this, big drum section, makes me want to go out and dance. Or scarf up left-over food from the tables, I'm that hungry. When I worked at the ski resorts in Switzerland, the Scandinavian kids skiing on the cheap used to swoop down on the left-over, half-eaten food, like scavenging magpies. It grossed the Swiss out, so I best not test the Indians either. I bet if I clean out my purse I'll scrounge up at least a few raisins from the bottom.