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February 3, 2008 - Kuta, Bali

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

I can drive myself crazy by trying to control what's beyond my control, or I can adjust to it and go to plan B. The good news is that it looks like I'll be sending a container from Bali, the bad news is that instead of chilling out up in groovy Ubud, I'll be sweating it out in and around Kuta. To salvage some of the idea of idylic Bali, I'm at least going to try and do my own sunrise yoga on the beach before starting the work day.

So today was a change of plans, and a change of hotel rooms. I stayed at the same hotel, but asked for an upper room that's hopefully high enough that the mosquitos don't come in. Asian mosquito bites are different, they don't make big bumps and they don't really itch, but they leave red dots that take days to go away - I look like I'm contageous with something. Plus, not to be paranoid, but while I did get a vaccination for Hep. A or B, I forget, I didn't have time to get a vaccination for , again, I forget, yellow fever? or something that mosquitos transmit. Plus the new hotel room, 4th floor, smells alot better. It was supposed to cost more too, but I think they took pity on me because of all the bites that I've got, and charged me the same price as the dungeon room.

So why the change of heart on a container? I found a shipper that I have confidence in, and I think I have enough contacts now to fill it. For all you drummers out there, I'll be sending back djembe style drums at great prices, different sizes, good sounds, and cool decoration. Another one of my favorite finds was 5 gamelons, or the Balinese zylaphones, again, at a great price and really, really good sound. These will be fun to play.

The hotel had a small non-professionally done handout that was left by a Mr. Suta. I will quote part of it: "Big Event Cremation Ceremony! Improve your experience and memory before leaving Bali. The Spectacular Combination Tour. Kill two birds with one stone. Cremation Ceremony and Romantic Dinner. $25."

Does anyone else find this ironic, drole, or bizarre, or is it just me?