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February 4, 2009 - Udaipur, India

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Yesterday I had a good chat with two tour guides, one was Indian, the other was a French girl. I had done a stint as a tour guide as well, and we all agreed that the key to success and longevity at it was patience. Good words to remember for today. When I arrived at the Jaipur airport, I found out that my Udaipur flight had been canceled. Not delayed or shuffled to another airline, it was just gone - didn't exist.

So Kingfisher Airlines stuffed me into a taxi and sent me off on the six hour overland trip. The Kingfisher rep apologized, I said no problem. I've got enough time in Udaipur that a few hours one way or the other make no difference. It was a nice enough ride, and I got to see a huge herd of camels.

While in transit, some of the things that I saw painted in English on the backs of lorries included:
• Use Dipper at Night (meaning dim your headlights)
• If Driving Rash call....(how's my driving 800#)
• Wait for Side (to pass)
• Smile with Flower (too cryptic for me to decipher)
• Truck Lay By (a trucker's rest stop)

It took forever yesterday to finish up at Kishor's place. He literally is fielding questions from four people at the same time. Again, I knew to plan for more time than I thought I'd ever need. Kishor and his brother make me smile - imagine browned eyed Rajastani Precious Moments kids amd that's Kishor and his bro.

They're big kids now, in their 30's, but they've even got the Precious Moments facial expressions. Kishor's brother did an old silver jewelry trunk show last October in California, and he had a few snapshots of the event. So picture Rajastani Precious Moments hugging Cindy Crawford, or an arm around Geena Davis, and side by side with Pierce Brosman's wife. As I said, their place is a trip.

At the moment, I'm up in the restaurant at the Mewar Haveli, where I'm staying. Usually it's a lakeside restaurant, but this is another drought year, so it's a mud side restaurant. Even the washing ghats (washing steps) are waterless. The Lake Palace is now the Puddle Palace - it still has water on all sides, but the passenger launch can only make it through a dredged channel.

Tomorrow is going to be another long day. I do have hopes of maybe finishing early one night, there's a small ayervedic massage place just down the road. I've had two massages while in India in past years, both were mediocre at best, so hopefully this will not be a third strike.