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February 5, 2008 - Kuta, Bali

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

Crossing the street in Asia always feels to me like a death-defying propostion. Driving can only be described as free-style, and pedestian rights are pretty much non-existant. Traffic consists of the endless wave of bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters, and I'm riding the wave. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

I've switched over to high gear for getting this container filled, and anytime I am offered the chance to be hauled some where by motor bike, I take up the offer. Madai the drum lady, the post office lady, Victor, furniture office boy, you name it, I've been on the back of their scooter. With a serious nod to my own mortality, I gladly put on the helmet if one is offered, and off we go. (On a side note, last year in Hanoi, I was trying to cross the street with motorcycles literally 15 across, and no end in sight. I don't know how long I was waiting for, though I had wanted to cross the road to get to the temple in the lake and watch the sunset, and I was laughing to myself, thinking I might catch it at sunrise. Then I heard this big booming voice in my ear, and a schnell!! and a grab on my elbow, and I was propelled into traffic by a very large German man, who had his Frau on his other arm. We did get across in one piece, I gave him a weak Danke, I was laughing so hard.)

On the subject of motorscooters, I saw the most bizarre and cool thing on Sunday, it was about a dozen little Italian scooters, but chopped and raked and lowered, some with sidecars, tricked out as Mad Max meets Hello Kitty, even the Balinese kids driving and riding in them had Mad Max gear on, but the scooters also featured a lot of grunged up stuffed animals too.

Being realistic about my looming deadline, there is no more going to the beach for Sunrise Yoga, but just as well. My hotel is on a "gang", or back alleyway, and its a larger gang, but early in the morning there is really no activity. I was walking along, and then out of nowhere I felt 2 cold noses on my leg, and heard grrrr. I was surrounded by a pack of about 5 dogs, and the hair on their backs was up. I froze, and really wasn't sure what to do, tho I was hoping that a motorcycle or something would come along and run them over. Fortunately for me, and most unfortunate for whatever dog they smelled, just a quickly they were gone, and then I heard the bark bark bark and yike yike yike.

I was thinking most uncharitable thoughts about spay and neuter and would gladly have done the job myself, if given the chance, when I heard more yip yip yip, but this was coming from down a hole. Just before the beach, there was a large deep hole, about 5 feet feep (the sign said Be Careful! Most sorry for Uncomfortable!) with a little dog in the bottom, with the sweetest little face. I didn't want to climb in, I didn't know how he'd react, so I'm trying to do Sun Salutations while looking around for a ladder or something, wondering who to call, at the very least I needed to take him food and water in case he'd been down there for awhile.

It wasn't a very good yoga session, worrying about Fox Face, but as I'm headed up the beach again, there he is, out of the hole, but sitting close to it. I wonder if he falls in on a regular basis.

We had a big storm last night, they really roll in quickly, and just as I was sitting down at the Internet Cafe, there was a BOOM ball of fire outside the window, and then all dark. I have no idea what time electricity was restored, but at least I had a candle in the room, and after the rain stopped, I watched the huge bats swirling around outside - cool -

I still have a lot to do, long and busy days, I've got a motorcycle date with Victor at 9 am tomorrow morning to go look at totems. I don't have time to watch the sun set over the ocean, but I caught the most spectacular sunset lighting up the gilt on the temple, it looked like it was lit from within. It's nose to the grindstone now, and business as usual, but believe me, the usual here is most unusual.