February 5, 2011 New Delhi India

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Air France got us out of Chicago 28 hours late, on a special flight, but that meant no connections, so I got routed from Paris up to Munich, and then to Delhi.  Unfortunately my luggage didn't follow, but hopefully it will catch up before I leave for Bali tonight.  

Delhi is really a city in transformation.  We landed at the new international airport which is state of the art.  I was glad that even though it's all brand-new, it still smelled like India - spicy, dusty, and smokey.  I'm back at the Blue Triangle hostel and Soni and I are sussing out onward tickets today.  Someplace or somehow I've got to make up the days lost on transit delays.

One ticket had me getting into Udaipur after all night travel and I said, "oh good, I can do business starting early that day", then Soni and I looked at each other and we broke out laughing - I forget that I'm not 20 anymore, and I need to sleep sometimes.  Vini and Soni are both long-time travel pros and when I crawled into their office after all the flight delays, Vini just said, "well, you made it" and we all started laughing - no words needed, no need to re-hash the trip. 

The only things that I'll do before leaving tonight is to check out what jewelry is available at the Tibetan Market, and see what second-hand goodies the ladies on Janpath Lane have.  I'm not buying anything, just planning out the trip for when I return.  Oops, not true, I did buy a nice cotton kurta in case I never see my suitcase again.

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