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February 7, 2008 - Kuta, Bali

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

Happy Losar to all my dear Tibetan friends, may you have a mosty happy and prosperous new year, filled with joy, peace, and good health. Because of this being New Year's Day for Thailand as well, it was a little tricky to change my airline ticket, but the dye has been cast, and the deed is done - I think - won't know until I get email confirmation.

But there's been a major change of plans - my "no container from Bali" had gone from a 20 footer to a 40 footer, and I've taken 9 days off of Thailand and added it to Bali-time. So I will have time to get up to Ubud, though this has been fascinating to dig deep around Denpasar - I've found so much good stuff.

Victor has been a big help, for translating, and schlepping me around, and finding things, but he got a day off today, his nephew is getting married today, and it happens at his family's compound, which they all share. I was over there yesterday, his wife, and all of the aunties were slicing, chopping, mashing, it looked like its going to be quite a feast. I was invited, but they understood that I didn't have time, epecially as of yesterday I still didn't know if I could change my ticket.

Most of what I bought today was musical, all sizes of drums, windchimes, clackers, didgeridos that I could actually play after about 2 minutes of practice, Thunder Drums, bedue drums. The coolest thing, tho, I don't even know what its called. It's sort of like an open ended drum, but there's a stick coming out of it, and you slowly pull your fingers along it, and it makes noises like laughing, sighing, passing gas, you name it. It's totally obnoxious, and impossible to put down.