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February 9, 2009 Delhi, India

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

Back to Delhi and big city life, back to the Blue Triangle Hostel and minor renovations. Since I was there last, they've started refurbishing both rooms and hallways. The halls outside of my room are getting sanded, plastered, and then painted over with some kind of material that makes my skin burn and my eyes water. The poor guys working with this stuff have no respirators, no gloves, no goggles. I threw open my window and that helped immensely. The renovations also make me glad that Wednesday I change hotels for two nights. The Indian Carpet Council has graciously offered foreign buyers two nights hotel room for attending the carpet fair at Pragati Maiden. They've sprung for The Lalit, which judging by the website, is pretty posh. Posh is great after the Blue Triangle in it's present condition, though I will miss the temple music wafting in from next door.

This morning in the newspaper there was an article on harassment of women in India. Eighty-five percent of Indian women, and ninety-five percent of foreign women said that they've experienced it. Indians call it Eve Teasing. As I'm older, it isn't sexual ( tho last night I got my ass patted by some octegenarian), but it's annoying, never the less. There's a tee shirt that sums it up - No Rickshaw, No Rupee, No Problem. But, other than the boys in Mandawa who thought I was a Palistani spy, and the sari-wearing transvestite who gave my arm skin burns, the most bizarre was just yesterday, being accosted by a gang of three, four, and five year olds in Udaipur. They were too short to reach my purse, but they were hanging onto my legs, my hands, and my clothes. It wasn't malicious, they were having a great time at my expense, but it was just weird. Since street urchins selling stuff or begging are a fact of life in India, I've learned how to say in Hindi the equivelent of "No, Sweetie". Maybe that's why they didn't stop until an adult shooed them off.

This morning was spent buying the prettiest block print textiles, like purses, table clothes, curtains, etc. I especially like the gauzy white print on white curtain panels, they make me think of summer, and curtains fluttering at an open window.

Lunch is paneer tikka, which is a vegetarian kebob, and real South Indian filter coffee - it's the best. This afternoon I need to find internet service somewhere, the 'net service is down for at least 2 more days at The Triangle. I could make my way back to Pahar Ganj to the 'net services there,. but my real reason would be for the photo ops. It's just a little too dodgy for me to stay at a hotel there, but it's wild. Super narrow alleys, cows peeking into house windows and doors, total chaotic traffic, street venders, rickshaws, noise, food, smells, colors, it's all there.