February 9, 2011 Kuta Bali Indonesia

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Making up for days lost in travel makes for long days, but these have been long, enjoyable days with lots of pockets of pleasure thrown in. 

My feet were so swollen from 6 days of travel that both pairs of shoes were tight, so I got my first hour-long foot massage.  Yesterday, heading back to the hotel at around 5 o'clock, I took a one-block detour to get back via the beach.  A storm was moving in, so instead of calm bath-tub warm water, there were huge roiling waves, and the beach was dotted with red skull and cross bones warning flags. 

The power went out on my side of town, nixing hopes of catching up on the internet, so instead I got a full body massage for the modest cost of $5.  There are very few downsides to visiting Bali.  One, is time and money needed to get here.  Two, a rabid dog epidemic is still not under control.  Three, I found out last night - when there's no lights, walking is pretty treacherous. 

Forty years ago, there was nothing but sand dunes and fields here, then development sprung up, all willy-nilly, but infrastructure like sidewalks and paved roads didn't keep up, so you're literally stumbling in the dark over open sewers, drainage ditches, potholes, etc.

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