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January 10, 2008 - Tonala, Mexico

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

There's a famous mexican dish of raw seafood, called "vuelve a la vida", or "come back to life" that's supposed to be good for, among other things, really bad hang overs. I didn´t have a hang over, just a bad cold that was hanging on, and I found some stuff at the pharmacy that was my come back to life remedy. It's made in Switzerland, and has herbs and vitamins, and minerals, and the one mystery ingredient, Deantro. The pharmacist didn't know what it was either but I had great dreams last night. I was at a girls camp, and we were ALL campers, no matter what our ages, and everyone imaginable was there, old friends, new friends, women I haven´t seen in twenty years, Oprah, you name it. Anyway, they kept giving me jobs to do that I thought I was so ill-suited for, that I just kept laughing and laughing , and each job got sillier, when I woke up in the morning, my face hurt from smiling so much - Does anyone know what Deantro is?

I think I´m done with my buying here, I need to do books tomorrow with my shipper, and unless I have to switch shippers ( that's a long, sad story), I'll be leaving for Taxco on Sat.

I had to take a taxi out to Salvador´s place yesterday, it´s too far to walk, and I was too late to wait for a bus. Anyway, I had an interesting conversation with the taxi driver, he was really old, and had grown up in Tonala. He said that when he was a kid, all of the surrounding hills were just covered with trees, it was all green, all kinds of trees, cedron, mesquite, pine, poplar, you name it. Anyway, as anyone who´s been to Tonala knows, the hills are bare. The trees had all been cut down to make charcoal, and never replanted. All the super highways are new, all the new neighborhoods, it has to be such a huge difference for the older folks. Even me, I remember when I first started going down to Teotitlan del Valle, there was only one telephone line in the whole town, and if you needed to talk to someone, you called the one number, a kid would jump on his bike, and go get that person, and you´d call back in half an hour or so to see if that person had been found, and could come to the one phone or not. Now there´s cell phones and an internet cafe. It still amazes me.

Wish me luck with my shipper tomorrow, and I think I´m well enough that I don´t need to dose myself with the Vuelve a la Vida again.