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January 11, 2009 - Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico

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The silver lining to not having enough time in Mexico is that I might actually get home with shoes on my feet. Serious, comfortable walking shoes are a big deal for me when I´m on the road - I´ve got very short toes, so the wide part of my foot is up where a normal shoe starts to narrow, and women´s shoes in Mexico only go up to size 38, I wear size 40.

I brought one pair of tried and true sandals, and one pair that looked like I´ve worn them a fair amount, just that I couldn´t remember wearing them. The second pair are a disaster, I was limping within 30 minutes of putting them on. My tried and trues are an equal disaster, but in a different way. The velcro closures no longer hold, the stitching is blowing out on the side, but the coupe de grace is that both soles have split all the way through, and only the lining is holding them together. The hilly streets of Taxco are sure to finish them off.

Except for paper work with Margarita tomorrow morning, I am done here, and will be headed to Mexico City, where I´ll spend the night before catching the bus to Taxco. I hope that I haven´t over-bought, and that everything fits in the container. I bought some pots and fired clay things from Ceramica Cruz Blanca, it´s been a few years since I´ve bought from them, but I love the finish on their clay.

Among other things, I bought pig, duck, and swan pots, I envision having a farmyard grouping of them by the new showroom, with purple foliaged plants, and some kind of bright flower, canas or something. I like the Cruz Blanca family, the whole family works together, and Mr. Murguia still wears huaraches. I might be wearing huaraches too, when my shoes totally blow out.

I also bought blouses from the lady from Chiapas that I always buy from. Looking at what she wears, I think that she is from San Andres. Anyway, her kids and her sister just took off for home, the kids have to get back to school. She´s got a 6 year old, and an 8 year old. I didn´t ask if they took the deluxe, fast bus, or the slower one, but even the fast bus means about 38 hours in transit. I hope that the kids are deep sleepers.

One of the reasons that I´m overnighting in Mexico City is that I don´t want to spend that much continous time on a bus to get to Taxco in one day, but the Chiapas trip sort of puts it in a different perspective.