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January 13, 2009 - Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

There are so many little things that I forget between trips to Mexico, like the metal detectors and frisking(just the men), looking for firearms, before boarding the bus to Guerrero. It has been that way for the last twenty years, and I always forget about it. No gun searches going north out of the state, just south, and when I drive, lots of road blocks.

I also forgot about all the charming little quirks at the hotel, like the two fat dachshunds, whose bellies almost scrape the ground when they walk, and the plastic on top of all the furniture, and plastic covering the light switches. I even got my rooftop room. When I arrived, I told the owner that I didn´t know if I had a reservation or not, that I had sent an email, but not gotten a reply. She laughed, and said, well, you´ll get your reply now, and handed me the keys. I now also seem to remember that there´s also some quirk with the water, like not hot, but I´ll find out soon enough tomorrow morning.

Going south, southwest out of Mexico City, you are completely out of city within 20 minutes of leaving the bus station. Cityscape quickly changes to mountains with cactus, palms, and eucalyptus spilling down the hillsides, with a few pine trees thrown in for good measure, then giving way to just pine trees with the climb in altitude. The valleys go back to cornfields, then changing to banana groves, and some smooth barked yellow tree whose roots look like octopus tentacles trying to hold onto the hillside. Guerrero might be one of the poorest states in Mexico, but it´s definitely not poor in scenery. Also dotting the magnificent Guerrero landscape are the huge black Magna bulls billboards, they are just the silhouette of a bull, and the word Magna (it´s alcohol). New this year was the huge iconic silhouette of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever pose, he was advertising J.B. Scotch.

I love this town - it is so much fun to walk, if you don´t mind being plastered against the walls as the cars go by, but its all hilly cobbled little streets, you think that you´re in a labrynth, and getting lost is half the fun. I´ve already bought my 1200 bobble heads, he had new ones this year, including skunks, they are adorable, tomorrow I need to get serious about silver.