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January 14, 2009 - Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico

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Okay, let me get this out of my system, I´ve got to say it once. Mexico has food, food, food, glorious food everywhere, cheap, tasty, and fresh. Taxco is so concentrated that you really notice the street venders. Peeled mangos on a stick, rolled in salt and chile, fresh cut fruit, tacos, tamales, sandwiches, homemade flan, cakes, potato chips cut and kettle cooked as you wait, shrimp tostadas, churros with carmalized goat milk, candied yams, and so on and so on. Last night I had a regular restaurant meal to cut down on the grease factor, but I left most of my rice, knowing that I had to feed my street food addiction, in this case, tamales. The tamale señora was set up already, and as I never got around to a sweet tamale in Tonala, that´s what I asked for. She was really swamped with business, so I mistakenly ended up with a tamale of chile slices and white cheese. I can´t believe my luck, this was maybe the supreme tamale of my life, I´m afraid that any tamale afterwards is going to be a let-down. To prove or disprove this theory, tonight I´m going to the guy with Oaxacan style tamales.

Silver buying is going well. As soon as I walk into a place, I either like just about everything they´ve got, or nothing, so I tend to buy from just a few people. Today has been mostly just the staples, and I´ve bought some very pretty turquoise, but the stones are small. If you have any big, chunky, old turquoise, hang on to it, the great stuff is more or less mined out. Contemporary turquoise has a lot of stabilizer in it, when you pick it up, it feels too light. I´m going to try and finish up my buying so that I have a free afternoon. This is the 250th anniversary year of the Sta. Prisca church, so they have a special history exhibition. The town museum also has a special exhibition on local witchcraft that I want to see. They picked a very intriguing photo for their poster of the event, it´s a mummified person holding a bowl of herbs.