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January 14, 2012 - Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico

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The buying trip is progressing at a normal pace.  I spend the first few days looking to see who has what at what price, and then will buy when I've done a good comparison.  Today is Saturday, when most weddings are held, so I got a snapshot of old Tonala juxtaposed with new Tonala - an old man with his burro and two milk cans tied to the side, watching as an immaculate white Hummer pick up truck with mag wheels go by, carrying the bridal party in the truck bed.Lunch today was the first mediocre meal that I've had.  Guadalajara is famous for it's "tortas ahogadas" or "drowned sandwiches".  The restaurant smelled like Campbell's cream of tomato soup, and that's pretty much what the sandwich was - bread drowned in tomato sauce.  The restaurant's slogan was good, though - Chaplin's (as in Charlie) sandwiches will leave you speechless.