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January 15, 2008 - Taxco, Mexico

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

I'm not in the habit with going home with strange men that I meet at breakfast, but I did this morning. I was at my favorite little hole in the wall (Gaby´s Economical Kitchen), having the usual Huevos a la Mexican. She makes this unbelievable green salsa, and her beans aren´t overcooked, and no lard, plus she does her own tortillas on the comal, or grill - Anyway, there´s a man sharing my table (there´s only 3 tables in the whole place) and we strike up a conversation.

He's one of the best silversmiths in Taxco, but he doesn´t sell any of his work here except in one gallery, because everyone would copy his work, which is true, I see this all over the world with my venders. Even with Nid's kid sister and her little bracelets in ChiangMai, Thailand. But everyone knows him. Gaby lets him put the breakfast on his tab, etc., so I figure that it´s safe enough.

It was cool to see the lost wax castings, just to see the wax molds, but what amazed me was this one pot. It was hand hammered, no seams, no soldering, just one beautiful piece of .999 silver. It was gorgeous, and totally out of my price range, well over $1000.

I spent the rest of the day well within my price range, I really like what I´m buying this year, I´ve just got to get over the mindset of, one for me, three for the shop....I´d also promised myself that I wouldn´t work after 6 pm, but didn´t knock off until after 7. That´s ok, the tamale lady doesn´t set up until 8 pm.

I did hear one of her stories. No wonder that she was grumping that night- she´s had to move around 3 times in the last year with her tamales. The city keeps telling her that she can´t be here, she can´t be there, they´re fixing the street. Then, when the street is fixed, she can´t be there because the street is better. But it hasn´t seemed to hurt her business. There´s a non-stop stream of people buying from her, at least in the time that I´m eating tamales. Plus when the pot is empty, she just goes home.

Gotta go, there are tamales calling my name, loud and clear.