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January 18, 2008 - Taxco, Mexico

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

I finished working at 4 pm, so I feel like a kid who got let out of school early. Today is the Fiesta of Sta. Prisca, there´s been all sorts of venders and a big brass band on the square, that even had 4 guys just in the rhythm section. Its like the marching bands in India, I don´t know if they´re really good or bad, but they are lots of fun.

Last night I had to go finish up papers with my silver shipper after 5 pm, I knew that would take me past the church just at the time when they were having the blessing of the animals, and a costume contest for them at the same time. It´s sort of like when there´s a car accident, you don´t want to look, you feel bad for everyone, and then you still sneak a peek at the last moment. I didn´t want to see pets all dressed up and unhappy, but it wasn´t like that all.

I don´t think the turtles had any idea that they had gone anywhere. The canaries were in their cages anyway, so it was probably like being in a motor home. The rooster that I saw (a big fat Rhode Island Red with a hankerchief around his neck) was taking it all in with equanimity, his owner was a little old lady, he was so big, she was so tiny, he almost didn´t fit under her arm. Most of the pets were dogs, and it was a big party for them. Lots of little fluffy lap dogs who looked only all too used to being dressed up in pink bailerina tutus. One white dog had a Day of the Dead skeleton suit on, most had what looked like doggy pijamas on, no dog even seemed to mind or notice their clothes, they were too excited being around all the other dogs.

The People´s Choice Vote probably went to one woman who had made a small ambulence, complete with a doctor and patient hooked up to an IV - she had made like human bodies, complete with arms and clothes, and then put her pigeons in the clothes, sort of like straight jackets. Ágain, the pigeons didn´t look too uncomfortable, so I´m glad that I did swing by to take a look.

Tonight they set off the fire works around the church, this I definitely do want to see. The fireworks are on a bamboo frame surrounding a paper mache bull, and then someone wears the whole contraption. I saw over 30 of these "bulls" lined up by the church, all for tonight, I want to see how the heck the fire works can go off without blowing anyone up, or catching the bulls on fire, it should be fun.

I´m off to Chilpancingo tomorrow morning, to catch the Tiangis, or Indian Market in Chilapa early Sunday morning. I´m going to miss my terraza here at the hotel. I´d get out on the terraza just as the sun was creeping over the mountains, and start my day with sun salutations and my yoga practice, which doesn´t take up any space in my suitcase, and is always with me. Its a wonderful way to start the day, and I send my gratitude to Marlene and Wendy, and all yogis and yoginis the world over, Namaste.