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January 25, 2010 Tonala Jalisco Mexico

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

Done at least! Yesterday was a warm, beautiful day, and I had a bad case of wanting to play hookey by finding a quiet outdoor restaurant and sipping beers and eating greasy carnitas, but I still had a wish list of things that I wanted to buy, so it was work instead. That's OK, yesterday I thought of how much I love what I do. I saw my Tzotzil friends, I buy from them every year.

Having recently done the 17 hour bus endurance test , I can really relate to what the Tzotziles go through when they go home to get more things to sell. After the 17 hour leg to Oaxaca, it's another 11 hours to San Cristobal de las Casas, not counting connection time, then another few hours out to their village. Her prices in Tonala are about the same as what I'd find them for in Chiapas, and I asked her why she keeps them so low when you take into account all of the travel time, but she said that she'd rather sell low and sell more, than sell high, but little.

They are such hard workers, they're one of the first to be set up on market say, and one of the last to break down, usually finishing a good two hours after the market's over. This is what i love about my job, that you are dealing face to face with the people, and hopefully are making their lives a little better.

They had the shaggy sheep on their stand again, after a several year hiatus. The Tzotziles love their sheep, they weave skirts, blankets and ponchos from the wool. One time I was down in Chiapas around the Day of the Dead. Home alters and the graveyards were decorated with marigolds, as the strong fragrance keeps the visiting spirits where they belong, and not out causing mischief. The graveyards were over run with the shaggy black sheep, happily munching on marigolds with impunity.