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January 31, 2009 - Delhi, India

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

Either as creature of habit, or for economy of time, if a hotel that I've stayed at before is generally acceptable, I will stay there again. I know where to find bottled water, where the closed internet cafe is, etc. Such is the case of the Blue Triangle YMCA where I am now. It's an excellent location, and for central New Delhi it has excellent prices, and it's clean enough. It's also right next door to a Sikh temple, complete with devotional music 24/7.

Sometimes it's just singing, other times it's accompanied by tabla and sittar. I am a sound sleeper, so this is lovely lullaby music. Light sleepers might think twice before booking a room at the Blue Triangle. Criquet is such a national mania in India that the Sikh kids ditch temple next door to catch the game on TV at the Y. I've watched a little and would put it one step more exciting than watching paint dry....

Vini and the gang at Vinstring Holidays also helped me today with onward tickets, as the internet service at the Y has been blocking my ticket searches.

Tomorrow morning I catch the bus to Jaipur. It's an easy 6 hour ride, with a 30 minute stop at the midway point.