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January 5, 2008 - Tonala, Mexico

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

Spent the whole day pounding the pavement. I´m always looking for new suppliers, but my old suppliers still have the best stuff. I stopped at my tin guy, his painted tin this year is absolutely great, and I stopped at the one man who makes the big outdoor animals, he´s developed deer that will make our real deer look twice. He had an order for dolphin and seals from the San Diego zoo, and they were really nice, but I just can´t see them in the midwest. I did get a shark, tho, I thought it might look really cool and weird coming out of the weeds, or if you´ve got a bizarre sense of humor, the shallow end of the pool. Where´s Sheriff Brody when you need him?

As the day was spent pounding the pavement, I also had every meal on the pavement. I love street grunts, I haven´t been inside a real restaurant since Hermosillo. It´s still Christmas season, so there´s a lot of extra food stalls, and tomorrow is King´s Day, so all of the Roca del Reyes vendors are out around the plaza. A Roca is a yeasted bread ring, sort of like a lighter version of Christmas Stollen. Kings Day is also the day that kids get their gifts, and the kids next door to the hotel were swinging away at the piñata when I got back.

I walked down to the WALMART!! of all places tonight. I wanted Decaf coffee and can´t find it here in Tonala. It has to be culture shock for the older people living here, there´s still the traditional market around the plaza here, and a few horses out and about on Sundays, and sometimes in the evenings. And then if you follow the road out of town long enough, you run into a multi-plex cinema, and WalMart.

Also got my cellphone up and running, I bought it in Mexico about 5 years ago, and even then it was a cheapie on its way to being obsolete. Now when the kids at the TelCel (and it's always kids) change the chip so its good for another year, they always look at it like its some kind of artifact from an archeological dig - they´ve heard of these, but never actually seen them -