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January 7, 2008 - Tonala, Mexico

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

Chip chip chip - my wish list for shopping is getting a little bit smaller, but I still have a ways to go. I´m not running at 100%, the cold that I´ve been holding off for the last week has finally caught up with me. I left with a scratchy throat and the start of a cough, but one of my customers told me about Airborn, which is some kind of herbal vitamin witchdoctor tablet, which seemed to work well while I still had them, placebo effect or not.

I was done in by 5 pm yesterday, didn´t check e mail, didn´t do books, didn´t read or make lists, didn´t do anything except veg on the bed and watch TV, which was just what I needed. Les Miserable was on, with Gerard Depardieu as, of course, Jean Valjean, John Malkovich as Javert (dang his French sounded good), and I don´t know who as the Baron. But the three of them were great - the personification of what the French call "joli/laid" - pretty/ugly - makes for very interesting eye candy. Unfortunately it's in 2 parts, and I don´t know when the second part is.

Spent the day with Berta, she´s been fighting a cold as well. She says that she knows EXACTLY when she got it, she had a White Russian, and they put too much chipped ice in it, and that´s why she´s sick. I had lunch at the market today, and there was an older couple, they both wanted sodas, but "a tiempo", or ambient temperature. After he had to send the 3rd opened bottle back, becasue it had been in the frig, he started getting annoyed and started going on about did she (waitress) want them to get sick, its cold out, why would she give him a cold drink, etc. Makes me wonder if I can blame my cold on crunching ice on the airplane.

I´m off to the hotel to see if I can catch part two of Les Mis, I think Malkovich and Depardieu are both much more joli than ugly.