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January 7, 2009 - Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico

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A few days ago I was pondering the reason that I brought the Lonely Planet guide book with me,(still unknown) and yesterday I was pondering, why don´t I carry my camera with me, seeing as I brought it with, for the first time in about five years. I don´t know what I saw, but it was definitely worth a picture or two.

Crossing the plaza, I came across some kind of procession, my guess is that it had something to do with King´s Day. Lots of costumes, lots of singing, but the people worth a photo were the guys dressed up with cow´s horns for head gear, and huge belts around their waists, with dozens of huge jingle bells sewn on. The one thing that was sort of menacing was that each dancer had like an inflated goat´s stomach tied onto a rope, and they´d go around bopping people with it. I don´t mean to insinuate that the dancers were menacing, but the inflated stomach filled with some kind of liquid was definitely unsavory.

I ambled down to the plaza again tonight for dinner, you can tell that the party is over, there are very fews stalls left. The busiest food stall is still there, tho, they sell fresh french fries with fried hot dogs on top, with mayonaise, almost like a Canadienne poutine. At my age I can no longer eat such gut bombs with impunity.

Buying is going slowly, I need to start amping up the pace, but what takes long is buying the smaller artesania. It´s also the most rewarding, you really see how the artisan pours his or her heart and soul into the work. I bought some little ceramic eggs today, at first glance, they´re just kind of cute. Watching the artisan work, they take on much more depth.

First they take a non-fired ceramic egg, then cut a hole in it to fit the animal that´s hatching out, paint the inside yellow, paint the cracks on, and then the animal goes in after the whole thing is fired. Even the animal is painted all over, not just the part coming out of the shell, and the detail is incredibly fine, individually painted on feather, fur, etc.

Tomorrow is an early start, so I should head back to the hotel. I´ve given up using the cyber cafe at the hotel, there are only four computers, and two have the unfortunate habit of functioning fine, and then suddenly, WHAM!! the black screen of doom, and you´ve lost everything. I´m now at a new cyber cafe, just off of the plaza, and a big improvement over the old one off of the other side of the plaza. The old one was in an alley, so it made it a wind tunnel, coupled with the facts that it´s winter, and nightime, and I would freeze my butt off trying to catch up on email. It wasn´t paradise, but they did put in a parking lot.