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March 12, 2009 Jakarta Java Indonesia

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

The airport coffee shop was selling Luwak coffee at $6 a cup, it's the coffee made from coffee beans that have been pooped out by civets (think weasels) Other than the unsavory aspect, it also sounds like the potential for exploitation off the little critters, like being force-fed. Otherwise, my Bro would be receiving a bag of Luwak coffee, he'd expressed interest in it at one time.

My hotel is in the center of Jakarta, and it was both a Lonely Planet and a Kareem pick. It's older, but perfectly maintained.

The service is truly top notch. The decor was top notch back in the 60's, the bathroom fixtures are avocado green, and the bed and dresser are turquoise formica, but the carpet, wallpaper, sheets, towels, everything is spotless and totally comfy. I'm enjoying it tremendously. It's got a sparkling clean outdoor lap pool as well.
The Furniture Expo was pretty good, but I feel bad for the people with booths, this is a new show and there were very few buyers there today. I also figured out that yes, Japara is for furniture, but Yogaykarta is for handicrafts. That will have to wait for another trip.

Indonesia has a T.V. channel that is devoted only to the upcoming election. In the shanty towns of Jakarta, instead of palm trees, you see groves of long bamboo poles, each flying colorful flags of different political parties.