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March 12, 2010 - Yogykarta Java

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

Overload, overload - I'd like to be back inch-worming along in Mae Hong Son.
I spent yesterday in transit, went to the hotel fairly early and just chilled. The hotel was The Borobudur, one of Jakarta's truly 5 star hotels. I got a deal on the internet, it was under $75, and it has free shuttle to and from the airport and to the furniture expo, breakfast was included, so that saved me about $40 there. It has beautiful grounds, beautiful common areas and nice enough rooms, just that mine smelled musty and you can't open the windows. Expo time was spent getting cards from people that I want to see in here, and then back to the airport and on to Yogykarta. My hotel room here cost less than 20% of The Borobudur, so I can overlook it's musty smell. The bathroom also has a mandi, which is sort of a large water tank containing a plastic pitcher that you fill up and douse yourself with to wash up. Sometimes you use the mandi to flush the toilet as well.

I went out in search of cap cai tonight (Indonesian chop suey) and could only find it at the food court in the mall. I'm not rally a mall habitue, but I don't remember U.S. malls having this noise level and the sweet smell of Kreteks, or clove cigarettes, add to the ambiance.

I'm headed out to some pottery village tomorrow, Sunday I'll probably be wallowing in bad batik, and then Monday am looking at cool lamps, great garden stuff, etc. Tuesday is Nyipi, even though it isn't Silent Day in Java, it's still a holiday, so I hope to go out to the ruins of Borobudur, Java's version of Angor Wat. Now I want to go back to the hotel and smoke a Kretek outside my room to keep mosquitoes at bay.