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March 2, 2011 Jaipur, Rajastan India

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

My hotel, the Arya Niwas, is like a summer camp for foreign buyers - this is so much fun, even if I don't have time to hang out. 

I'm here at the recommendation of Barbara, who does what I do, but in New York, and I just found out that we also share birthdays. The Arya Niwas is just about dead center in the city, but with a nice garden, a reasonably priced excellent vegetarian restaurant, and any business service you could wish for.

I went out to Kishor's house to pick out old quilts to be made into vests, and a gang of monkeys came through the compound.  I now understand why the locals don't like them.  The monkeys took down all the hanging laundry, turned on a water faucet to get a drink but didn't turn it off, and tormented the dog by keeping out of range by 6 inches.