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March 24, 2008 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

When I said that Semana Santa was a bad time to do business here, I had no idea the extent of it. It´s like the neutron bomb went off, and the buildings and all are still intact, but there are no people. Just by luck when I called the Patagonian sheepskin people, I actually got a guy in the bodega to answer, but he said that he didn´t know anything about the business part, and to call back on Tuesday. It´s going to be a busy Tuesday, what with the Paraguayan visa, sheepskin, and maybe talking to shippers.

If sheepskin is too expensive, or shipping is too expensive, then I´m just going to scrap the whole idea and go over to Uruguay for a few days, its just a 2 hour boat ride away. I´ve actually had a really good time here, inspite of enforced inactivity. I´ve been to every street fair there is (by far my favorite was in Palermo Soho), although the San Telmo one yesterday was a not terribly distant second. They had the coolest, I guess you call them mimes? They did tableaus, or vignettes, and when you threw in a few coins, they briefly came to life.

The best one was a statue of Carlos Gardel . When I first saw him., I thought it was a bust on a pedestal, but there were a big crowd around it, and I just thought, wow, they must be really tango fantatics. Then when I was leaving, I looked at the bust again, and it MOVED!!! It was a mime standing inside of a box that looked like a pedestal, and when he wasn´t getting any coins, he tapped his elbow on the pedestal - that´s the Argentinian sign for tacaño, or cheap. He was really, really good.

There was also a huge vampire with wings, and a couble who had put wires in their clothes, so it looked like they were walking into a 60 mile an hour gale, with their clothes blowing behind them. San Telmo is also the epicenter of the B.A. antique shops, it gives you a window of what Argentina must have been at one time, I didn´t think that there were that many crystal chandeleers in the whole world. I also went to the Recoleta cemetery. Eva Duerte Peron´s sarcaphagi was actually pretty modest, but it had the most visitors, and red roses.

I think I´ve finally gotten rid of the creatures in my stomach, and have been eating well. Normally I don't like ice cream, its too sweet, but the gelatto isn´t overly so, and there is an artisanal, or home made, gelateria, on it seems just about every street corner around my hotel. I think I've tried them all.