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March 27, 2009 Ubud Bali Indonesia

Written by GingerBlossom Published in

I had to make a hard decision today. One choice - go to another yoga class at the famed Yoga Barn of Ubud - (Valhalla for yogis, Shiva Rea had even been there just two weeks ago), or go to the Monkey Forest.

Yesterday was Nyepi, so I knew that it had been 24 hours since the monkeys had had special goodies handed over to them, and that they'd be eager to see people, usually they are the jaded one banana bite and toss it away. Yep, I got to the entrance and they were spilling out into the street, they're so happy to see humans with fancy fruit.

I was getting some great photos and one Cheeky Monkey sneaked up and stole my pen out of my purse. I wasn't going to try and get it back, I didn't want to get bit, but a nice Australian had bananas with him, and made a trade. The whole thing was sort of surreal, hundreds of wild monkeys and you're just in the thick of them.