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March 3, 2008 - Delhi, India

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Today was a pretty productive day, in that I got out of bed by 8 a.m., and stayed out of bed. I am so glad that I started taking the meds early on (I'm no Jane, all I could think about was the image of the little Ghiardia protazoa inside of me, and I'm gleefuly saying "Die, Die!") so I'm almost on the mend from this.

One of the biggest health hazards in Delhi is the dreaded Blue Line, a local bus service. The drivers get paid by number of people that get on the bus, so there is all kinds of jockeying around to pick up people first, and doing the route in record time - safety is a non-issue, and the statistics are dreadful. I thought that Sheila, Sherry and I were going to be statistics this morning, we were sharing a tuk-tuk to go to the Carpet Fair, and one of the dreaded Blue Line busses came over, and almost swiped the tuk-tuk. The other night I was crossing the street with Almost Famous British Author, and we both had to run for it to not get taken out by the Blue Line. He's been coming to India for 20 years, and he thinks the Blue Line is totally out of control.

Carpet Fair was pretty good, but I'd already seen almost everybody while in Badohi, I just was making a wish list of whom to see when in Jaipur. After looking at rugs, I took a walk down to Sundar Nagar, they've got one of the best tea shops in the city there, I almost wish that I was going home after India so that I could take a half-kilo of Darjeeling's Finest First Bloom with me. They have a tasting room there as well, the tea is sold by the gram, some of it is totally amazing, you are content to just smell it. I did buy 2 dragon balls, just for the novelty, and already had one, think I'll give the other to Sheila. It's un-cut tea tips wrapped together in a ball, with various flowers, like jasmine, all dried, and then when you steep it in a tall, hot glass of water, the "flower " opens up. Nice tea, but it is more for the novelty than anything else. Also got Vini and the Boys a box of sweets, Sundar Nagar has one of my favorite sweet shops, all Indian sweets, made with ghee, milk, I really don't know what else, sometimes cooked down carrots and raisins, and some are covered with silver foil, which you eat.

I also looked at clothes buying today, I really like the stuff, it is so The Summer of Love, totally psychedelic prints, but they want me to do a pretty big order, and I don't know if anyone else will think that they are as groovy as I do. The cuts are cute, they will make them to U.S. sizes, nice cotton, but definitely shagadelic, baby.

The YWCA where I'm staying is undergoing extensive outside renovations, so the whole face of the building is covered with tarps and bamboo scafolding, perfect monkey habitat, and they've given up on monkey control, so now in addition to the nightly dog serenade, I get the occasional Who's Alpha Monkey? shreiks and howls - not complaining, it makes me smile. I'm off to Jaipur tomorrow, best go see if I take the bus or train to get there.