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March 9, 2011 Jodhpur, Rajastan India

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There is only one flight between Jodhpur and Delhi each day, and the cheap seats were sold out, so that unfortunately means a 14 hour train ride, where the good seats were sold out as well.  I'm thinking of taking one of my silver bullets (an OTC Ambien sleeping pill, EVERY drug seems to be OTC here) for the trip, but I keep thinking about the gringo kids in Guatemala.  If they were facing an painfully long bus ride, they'd go down to the nearest pharmacy to buy whatever would knock them out for 12 to 16 hours, then wake up with no belongings.  At least when Alice and I were in our 20's, and raging across Europe, we had the sense to have one of us fairly lucid at any time.

Jodhpur's been both mellow and hectic at the same time, if that makes sense.  I've put in really long days, but it just doesn't feel as fast-paced as Delhi or Jaipur.  One of the things that the Indian government does that I think is great, is that when it's in the hot season (up to 47 degrees celsius), workers have to stop work by 11 a.m., when the heat starts to build.

It's been easier traveling this year.  I saw that Kishor gets hit up every morning by the same two "pseudo sadhus" - dubious holy men - and he goes through the same range of emotions as I do when he forks over the money.  This is Kishor, Mr. Mellow, never angry, never speaking ill of others, and he is now muttering under his breath at the Sadhus.

Think what you will of the British Raj in India, but one of their legacies here is crack bag pipers, and the pageantry of the Mounted Camel Corp - both of which were in attendance for the opening of the furniture show in Jodhpur.  This is only the second show, so it was very sparsely attended by foreign buyers, but it was nicely done.  Huge tents set up in the desert, with electricity and big fans.  I briefly met the buyers for Viva Terra - check out their website - I think that they've got great stuff, I guess I think that because we sell a lot of the same things.