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Happy Buddah
Written by ChrisOboyle Published in

A lot of people ask us to inform them when a certain container (or country) has landed. That being said, it takes awhile to unpack, price and get all the items out. This week we received the first of two containers from India.

Many have asked about our shipment and the people of Nepal.  While we don't hear too much from there, we know our container made it out and is on it's way .... and more importantly, all of Ginger's friends seem to be okay!   Never take life for granted.

The first container was almost entirely filled with furniture. Quite a bit of it is the reclaimed wood style that was so popular last year.

The second container was a mixed one from Indonesia. It has a little bit of everything in it. Teak furniture, garden art, clothing, etc.

With the long weekend and great weather ahead, we hope to see you soon,