January 2012

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January 31, 2012 - Istanbul, Turkey

I saw Aykut's nephew today, after not seeing him for seven years.

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January 30, 2012 - Istanbul, Turkey

I can't describe how grateful I am for my Natasha boots and long wool coat.  It has been really cold, snowy, and windy.

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January 29, 2012 Istanbul, Turkey

It's colder today in Istanbul than it is in Chicago, but thanks to Accuweather, I've got the gear - sort of.  Since this is the only really cold stop that I'll be making, I've got the Thrift Store leave -behind wardrobe.  When we were traversing Chile with a Lan Chile air pass, we kept running into the same group of gypsies.  These were full-on Roma, living in caravans, washing up in streams, and the ladies had long flowing skirts, tons of jewelry, and headscarves.  We first ran into them way up north in Arica, then again outside of Santi

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January 22, 2012 - Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico

Just when you think that you know the whole town and market of Tonala, something or some one new comes along.  I was on my way to see Francisco, and took a little detour though the car park of the Sunday market, mostly to escape the crowds, and lo and behold, amidst the sea of clay pots and wood furniture, was Dario.  Dario sells beautiful hand carved cantera or stone fountains.  He's been at it for over 40 years, and was the only one that I've seen in Tonala this year that still wears huaraches.  His fountains in stone are the same price

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January 19, 2012 - Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico

It seems that every trip has one crazy buy, and without a doubt, the T-Rex is it.  I've looked at this guy for years, but he was too expensive.  This time the dollar is strong, and Alberto wanted him gone.  I want to put him coming out of the woods along Rt. 173.  Chris says, don't do it, he'll get stolen.  Not a chance, he's too big.  My worry is that he'll cause an accident, he's Jurassic Park good.I got my Santa Teresa candles, too.  It's a funny business in Patzcuaro.

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January 14, 2012 - Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico

The buying trip is progressing at a normal pace.  I spend the first few days looking to see who has what at what price, and then will buy when I've done a good comparison.  Today is Saturday, when most weddings are held, so I got a snapshot of old Tonala juxtaposed with new Tonala - an old man with his burro and two milk cans tied to the side, watching as an immaculate white Hummer pick up truck with mag wheels go by, carrying the bridal party in the truck bed.Lunch today was the first mediocre meal that I've had.  Guadalajara is famous f

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January 12, 2012 - Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico

People asked me before I left for Mexico if I was excited about this trip.  I'm excited to be here, absolutely, but didn't think about it until arriving.  All  year long we more or less keep track of what is selling, what people want, what we need, so there's months of preparation, and no preparation, if that makes sense.Hotel Hacienda del Sol, where I'm staying, has once again expanded.  Chris and I were some of the original customers when they started, about 15 years ago.  Javier, the owner, had bought the building that used to belong t

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